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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 24: Can I Earn some Money?

D's school does not allow any cash transactions for their tuck shop or canteen, and as she pretty much doesn't go anywhere else without me, pocket money has not been a much raised concern at home. We also put it off for later, thinking that we would use it more to teach the concept of money than anything else.

Much to my surprise, this was our conversation yesterday:

D: Amma, I want to earn my money. Give me something to do!
Me: Huh, but why, what happened suddenly? Do you want to buy something?
D: I don't know all that Amma! Just tell me something to do!
Me: (Thinking aloud) Hmmm.. maybe you can fill a bottle of water for 5 rupees.
D: That's too much Amma! I'll do it for Rs. 2!

LOL, that's the cutest thing I ever heard. She has "earned" her first 10 bucks by now, all of which will be aggregated to finally buy a book I'm guessing. Thinking of more monetizing schemes to keep her occupied now, and here's my chance to buy a cute piggy bank as well :).


  1. How cute! Maybe she got the idea from the books she reads? Geronimo Stilton perhaps? ;)

  2. Awww...very sweet.she does know she still has to be fair.

  3. Here it's the other way around. Ads thinks 20 bucks is the minimum he needs to earn for any chore!!! Everything is calculated on the basis of how fast he can buy the next Geronimo book.

  4. So sweet! Wonder how kids get such thoughts!