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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 31: Here comes 2014

What do I want out of 2014?

That it should be bigger, better, greener than 2013! Which is a tough task considering that I thought the last year was pretty cool ;). I know that a long list of resolutions never works, at least not for me, so I am setting myself just these 3 goals. Anything else achieved is just icing on the cake:

1. Find a way to get fit ! My struggle with exercise continues, now also compounded by the fact that my neck refuses to let me adopt most normal forms including even yoga that seems to aggravate my spondylosis.

2. Figure out a reminder system that works, and of course actually set up a schedule to trigger those reminders - I need this for everything from my home chores to my drinking water. As I mentioned to a friend recently, the only water drinking app that would work for me is one that would fill a glass every hour and hand it to me :P.

3. Move closer to providing my own vegetables, I would love to say 100% by the end of the year, but let me be realistic and say at least 50% :).

Happy 2014 Everyone!!

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